just a picture post…

since I’m only a YEAR or so behind! ;-) Maybe these pictures from the summer will bring some warmth during these cold winter months!

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These were taken at the Children’s Rodeo at the Bar Fifty Ranch down the road this last September. It was held to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Looking back, it was a crazy day but so worth the experience and memories! A few things I’ll never forget: feeling so proud of the kids’ performances, waiting around, Danielle constantly crying if she wasn’t on one of the horses BY HERSELF, waiting around, enjoying Abby’s confidence on the horse and Jadon’s new-found confidence in himself, waiting around, feeling pressure because company was arriving at our house any minute, waiting around, feeling a little jipped on the ‘official’ placement of their performances (I’m sure that was a Mom thing), waiting around, and then going home to fix a big meal that I totally wasn’t prepared for and should have forgone for the beans and cornbread idea!! ;-) Whew, what a day! BUT so worth every minute of it (even the waiting around)!

oh, the giggles…

and smiles and laughter that wouldn’t stop that day!

Weren’t we all like kids in a candy shop! What a blessing true friendship is.

It was like we never missed a beat!

And we can’t wait to do it all over again…and again…and again… ;-)

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. -Tim McGraw

and thy barns shall be filled…

with plenty. Just make sure you got a little muscle to get it there! :)

Well, it’s that time of year again where if you don’t grow it, then you better go buy it! And if this year proves anything like last year, then you better buy extra in case you have to break into it early (no rain=no grass=skinny livestock=not good).

 Jadon, one day you can look back on this day and remember how big sister always says you can’t do things because you don’t know how…

but then finding the coolest place to squeeze your body into while she sweats up a storm! :)

And Bryan, I’m sure you will remember feeling on top of the world because we are living out our dreams.

 And Abby, you will remember the sense of accomplishment as you worked hard, right alongside the big boys and fit right in!

It will be hard to forget breathing the hot sultry air that had more water and hay dust than oxygen…


but not to overshadow the excitement of a special workday with Dad and knowing we are blessed in more ways than one!

It’s easy to forget sometimes that we are not only forming memories, but we are forming your lives. We pray for wisdom and that she will be justified in her works.

hi! i’m jadon wyatt…

and this is my favorite trike and my favorite zip-ups!

Even in 100 degree weather, I can pop wheelies with them…

ride REALLY fast with them…

AND I can even run over bulky burnt logs with them!

Yes, it’s possible I may have outgrown them both (just a teeny weeny bit).

But I don’t care. You can keep all your big bikes, power bikes, fast bikes and new bikes…

I’ll keep my trike and my old worn out zip-ups too! Wouldn’t you?!

note to self: put zip-ups on Santa’s list this year

gittin’ er done…

Stihl chainsaw that cut down the gangly cedar tree… $350 (best investment we’ve made by the way),

shovel that helped dig the hole…$10,

punctured water line repair…$40,

Red Maple tree…free, Autumn Blaze Maple tree…$34;

The man who paved the way for me to plant my tree…PRICELESS!

Thanks honey! :-)

mail order caterpillars…

finally did the trick for us!! After about 4 or 5 unsuccessful attempts with the Social Hill natives, we decided there must be a better way. 


Sure enough, we received 3 tiny caterpillars in the mail that ate and ate and ate. They also grew and grew and had lots and lots of frass (fancy word for poop)! :)   


 Three chrysalises later we had 3 Painted Ladies to release and hopefully create some new Social Hill natives.   


Of course, the release was the most exciting part – those tickley feet, checkin’ out all those tiny details and the first take-off!    


How can you not LOVE those faces? :-)   




I actually got a shot of mid-lift-off!   


Then poor Danielle, who was already cranky, got the butterfly that took-off immediately. There it is, at the top corner of her dress and she’s still looking where her fingers are. :(    


After they flew away, the kids were able to pick them up and enjoy them again. Of course, after Danielle’s first rejection she wouldn’t have anything to do with them. She is totally female. ;-)   


One of them even seemed extra interested in hanging out on Abby’s face!   


He came back twice.   



Below is the original cup complete with caterpillars, food and frass.   


And of course, the chrysalises.      


We learned a lot and had fun!  Can’t think of a better way to do it. :) 

good help is hard to find…

unless my sweet little two year old happens to be around.

Danielle: “I wanna help water you trees!”

See any trees yet? Me neither.

Still no trees.

Fun, yes. Trees, no.

OH, there’s a tree!! :)


Got it! I suppose some jobs aren’t worth doing if you can’t have a little fun! ;-) Wish it was still that much fun for me!

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